Sedona’s Mystical Vortexes

The city of Sedona, AZ is an outstanding natural beauty, very famous for its majestic red rock formations, buttes, clear blue skies, and canyons. It is also a very spiritual place. Visitors and tourists flock to see the beautiful scenery, but some come for spiritual purposes as well.

Sedona Spiritual Vortex

Mystical Vortexes in Sedona, Arizona

It’s believed that vortex energy encourages healing, is an aid to meditation, and encourages feelings of wellbeing. The New Age industry that’s sprung up as a result encompasses vortex tours, artists, crystal healing and a wide range of alternative practitioners… Read more at

In Sedona and the areas surrounding it, vortexes are whirpools of subtle energy coming out from the earth’s surface. The vortex energy is not exactly magnetism or electricity, though it supposedly does leave a slight residual magnetism in the sites where it has a strong energy field.

Sedona Vortex Energy Field

What’s So Mysterious About Sedona, AZ?

That area of the United States is known for its red picturesque mountains and as I discovered, while spending a week in the Sedona area, it’s also known for vortexes. Yes, vortexes and not vortices, is the way the “locals” spell it… Read more at


Sedona’s Mystical Vortexes See more on:


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